Tuesday, November 30

Cold Mountain

I thrashed
in the contradiction
they told me was life then
layed back
into the mystic;
the cold hard face of the afternoon.
It was all feeling and without
strange supplications
that never entered thoughts
but poured out anyway and
over the hills far away
I sit there thinking.

Saturday, November 20

Ask me again

You asked me if I thought it possible
to fall in love
with someone you’d never met.
And I did that thing you hate,
answering a question with a question,
when in reply I asked
if it's possible
to fall in love
at all.
But, really, what I meant was
if one can happen
why couldn’t the other?

Thursday, November 18

Self Included

I don't know
the half told part
of what you think
is in my heart. But
on a five dollar bet
you place your lot
in with all those thoughts
and raise it a dollop
with a cherry on top.
And I'll tell you what,
take it or not, I'll see the dare
full forced, red hot,
and take you on for it all—
each bit that I've got.

Tuesday, November 16

If I say it so...

You need a light to fire
the otherwise twisted and
not so ground upon truth.
Take a spoon, its gentle curves,
the contortions of your face
as they look upon you, take it
in your hand, and when the light
goes out, when the night falls
and you watch only the mirror
of what in your mind was before,
then with it dig, dig, dig
your way home through the shards
of what you one time wanted.

Through the yard

Their shadows, they cover and
surround in some tone
I don't understand.
Let’s call it blue while warmth;
it wraps and holds me.
The memories of was,
I will leave them, their tightness
like a pothole behind. I throw
the days rain from my coat
and watch the drops
through a gauntlet fall down.

Thursday, November 11


What power is this
held over the female heart
by a blossom fair?

Tuesday, November 9


For just one day and
underneath the somewhat
cool autum breeze and
kneeling in the leaves I
offered you the world— only
forged in love alone and
forgotten by everyone else.

Friday, November 5

Caught in time

The faces of people
I've left behind
surround me,
at times when I feel
most low.

The memories,
of good times and bad,
swirl about me and taunt me
with echoes of
laughter and tears.

Sometimes I pull
their shadows around me
like a sepia-toned shroud
and let them hold me,
trapped in time.

Other times I can
cast them off
and shake loose
of the grip they have
on my past.

Thursday, November 4


And elswhere sinking
on a pine needles soft breath,
the whisper of her...

Monday, November 1

Autumn drive

Strands of copper fire
wind a path through swaths of green,
aspen amid pine.